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Here at Bespoke we have a team of staff who all specialise in their own area.

We have venue stylists, florists, stationers and event planners. 

So what if you only need one of our services? 

Thats not a problem you only have to have the services you require but chances are you will still receive extra help in all other areas as most of our staff are trained in more than just one area so they will always give you advice.. we don't charge for friendly advice!

We can never do enough! 

So do you like what you hear so far? 

If so the next step is nice and easy... just pop us an email to and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you!


Now if you have a meeting with us and then find you do not require our services then don't worry at all!


You have lost nothing and if nothing else you have gained a few ideas... but hopefully you will be booking and we will be joining you on your journey to creating your perfect day! 

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Look forward to hearing from you, 


The Bespoke Team x 












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